Paper With a Plan—Sustainable

"The Material is the Message," tells the story of 6 different installations, dwellings, sculptures, objects, or other artifacts that are created using alternative materials or methods. Mohawk’s Sustainable Collection provides a powerful opportunity to add substance to sustainable storytelling. From hemp stalks to recycled cotton fiber, to the highest levels of PCW fiber and environmental certifications, these papers’ origin story is evident in every sheet. Our partners at Mohawk said it best: “We hope that by sharing these stories, we inspire makers of all kinds to explore a more environmental approach to their craft just as we have done with our Sustainable collection of papers made with post-consumer waste and alternative fibers, such as hemp.”

“These stories demonstrate what is possible across disciplines and mediums when a maker uses more sustainable, upcycled, or uniquely innovative material inputs to hone their craft and push the boundaries of what is possible to make with raw and post-consumer waste.”

—Melissa Stevens
CRO, Mohawk

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