We are problem solvers, improvisors, artists, craftspeople, thinkers, collectors, adventurers, roll-up-our-sleeves doers.

We are a collection of people who love intersections: Cultures, genres, tastes, industries, techniques, forms, materials, personalities, ideas—smashing, crashing, hugging, high-fiving. To us, the way the world tends to divide up design is a tragic oversimplification. We think weird is high praise. But if oblique inspiration is our rabbit hole, it’s the details that bring us back. We are craft-obsessives, completely in love with the minutia of typography, materials and experience.

Meet The Team
Dora Drimalas—Founder & Executive Creative Director

Caleb Kozlowski—Creative Director

Brett Newman—Creative Director

Nicole Hasselfeld—Director of Operations

Olivia Ward—Art Director

Katie Ball—Senior Project Manager

Nich Barresi—Designer

David Weber—Designer

Ann Kveglis—Senior Project Manager

Nick Paff—Senior Designer

Julia Miller—Designer

Emily Pidgeon—Senior Project Manager

Our Work
Areas of Expertise

Arts, Culture, Education & Non-Profit

Culture is shaped by organizations, and we partner with some of the most iconic groups that are looking to expand horizons and shift the lens in which people see the world.

Sport, Lifestyle & Fashion

We build narratives and brand experiences for some of the top aspirational brands that are changing the way people play, explore and live.

Manufacturing & Craft

Makers have a long standing tradition of being the backbone of our communities. We honor that tradition by helping clients speak to new audiences, and continue their timeless brand stories into the future.

Technology, Healthcare & Innovation

We’re helping to build socially conscious brands that are on the forefront of technology and medicine, working for a more human approach to innovation that benefits our communities.

Finance & Venture Capitalism

Brands that are solving the world's toughest problems require clear communication and strategy. We partner with agencies that fund and grow these brands to ensure the greatest success of their endeavors.

Food, Beverage & Hospitality

People are the heart of our agency, and we work with clients that share that same ethos. We help brands tell their stories so they can provide that nourishment and comfort we all need.

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