Paper With a Plan—Elevated

The Mohawk Elevated Collection brings together a group of iconic papers that take printed communication to the next level with subtle elegance and craftsmanship in equal measure. Traditionally used in stationery and letterpress, these papers lend a sense of permanence and gravitas to art and print design, pairing beautifully with embellishments such as embossing, engraving, and foil.

To celebrate the launch of this collection, Hybrid created “The Art is in the Mail,” by looking to a long standing tradition of mail art, which combines the everyday with the opportunity for artistic expression. It's democratic. This low barrier for entry brings a delightful permanence to freedom of expression we've come to associate more with the ephemeral, digital realm: the ability to elevate anything. Mail art is kept alive through any exchange of art whether it be a painted envelope, an artistamp, or the addition of collage to a postcard or other correspondence via post. Art in the mail is ultimately accessible to anyone who can afford the postage stamp, open to the artist's interpretation, and a delight for the recipient to open.

“Including a postcard in this piece allows everyone to become active participants, continue the spirit of mail art, and experience the joy of making and sending mail.”

—Olivia Ward, Design Director, Hybrid Design

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