Super Bowl LVII Spot

Culturally we are fascinated by Artificial Intelligence. It is exciting, terrifying, humorous—it captures our imagination. But, so very far from our minds is the idea that AI is useful, helpful or convenient.

Yet Dialpad’s AI is all these things.

Dialpad partnered with Hybrid to create a Super Bowl spot that embraces this contradiction, reminding us of how we think, and have thought, about AI throughout time. Through a multitude of oblique references, we reconnect our audience with their feelings surrounding the culture and science of AI, while contrasting with the simple, practical usefulness of Dialpad’s AI. With 42 easter eggs throughout the spot (and technically one more paradoxical reference, see: 42), these echoes of AI past and present give everyone an opportunity to connect, from the casual observer to the nerdiest AI fan.

How many AI references can you catch?

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