Serena Building Branding

For the first time in years, Nike reunited their family of category teams to sit together in one building based on the idea that greatness happens when focused, creative, collaborative and driven people join forces. Hybrid worked with each category—Women’s, Kid’s, Men’s—to bring their workspaces to life through their own lens on Nike culture. The results helped define each category's point of view in the workspace, with an eye toward the future.

“The kids team was all about play. Whenever possible we conceived of tactile, interactive installations to create an atmosphere of freedom and play—where ideas feel possible.”
—Caleb Kozlowski, Creative Director, Hybrid

“For this installation I wanted to capture a sense of strength and heroism from the point of view of all bodies. There are so many ways to be strong.”

—Kelly Anna, Artist

“The Men’s team wanted to capture a shift in their point of view, away from a singular focus on iconic athletes, to recognizing the community that supports them.”
—Caleb Kozlowski, Creative Director, Hybrid

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