Grinduro Feature Art Direction

The recipe for a great project: Do something you love, do it with fiends and do it in a stunningly beautiful part of the world. That is where we find ourselves here, A number of Hybrid employees combined their love of cycling with storytelling and spend a long weekend in the Sierra Nevada mountains, riding bikes, camping, drinking coffee and eating dust. We partnered with Rapha to follow a handful of their athletes for the weekend of the Grindruo gravel race in California. Working with Photographer Kennett Mohrman, we captured the feeling of the weekend as much in our lens as in our minds.

"Gravel will never let you forget one thing: you are outside. Outside of cell phone range. Outside of the city. Outside of society. Outside. An outsider."

"As many of us look to dirt for answers we find ourselves on the other side of something, partitioned from the world and its responsibilities."

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