Brand Identity, Naming

Lyssna, originally named Usability Hub, began as a simple 5-second test used to measure users immediate reactions remotely. Since that time they have dramatically expanded their methodologies into a more holistic offering. The brand needed to evolve to make room for where they were going and to compete in an ever-crowding market. While competition was increasing, the brands were commonly technical and sterile with an approach more akin to studying data than people. This was an opportunity for differentiation not just because of the white space in the market but because of its authentic connection to the brand.

Lyssna is motivated by a deeper understanding of people. From this comes a warmth, compassion, and humanity more welcoming than any lab environment. This human approach while authentic, was also timely as the fledgling category, and the concept of continuous design, was being introduced to newer and less tech-savvy audiences. Pure function was no longer enough to be useful to these audiences. The new design brings an uncommon approachability to the category while helping provide greater context. The mark itself is an expression of continuous design through listening, the loop of a lowercase ā€œlā€ repeating itself and expanding like a sound wave. The color palette is proud, expressive, and inclusive. The illustration style is modular and recombinable allowing the internal team infinite expressions. The result is a brand ready to introduce the human side of research to new audiences and in the end, improve the quality of human experiences.

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